ADVS (All-DOG Vehicles)


This is my ultimate exercise of Pure Creativity!! I have searched high and low to find the best ways to run my Dogs for typical conditions in my area of the country (MD USA). I have been doing this for 20 years plus and just LOVE it!! It is the Heart of what I call “FurWheeling”. My search for the ultimate dog running, training, pulling, exercising vehicle has led me to many of COOL set ups. Many concerns and necessities need to be addressed when modifying or building an ADV with of course safety being my first concern. Other necessities include watering the Dogs which also means carrying the water, bowls etc.. and the ability to get off and tend to the dogs without the possibility of the vehicle being pulled a by the dogs and falling over especially injuring or frightening them amongst many many others concerns. The general rule of thumb out there is if it has wheels and is built for a trail, I’ve probably ridden it with a Dog:) the movies below are separated by each individual ADV in action.  Please click here to learn about each individual ADV. And please click here to learn about the building and technical part of each ADV. 

ADV (All-Dog Vehicle) Movies