Camera Mounts

Camera Mounts Sign

The excitement and joy from what we do most importantly the happiness it brings the WooFPAK are truly the essence of what  I want to capture on video and in pictures. This becomes a real challenge especially with the large amount of adventures we do it’s hard to keep conveying our thrill without becoming repetitive. I therefore try to keep reinventing the way I document and capture these outings on film to keep the excitement every time I look back on what we’ve done!

The most dynamic way I have found is to keep providing different views especially getting that incredible shot that shows the enjoyment and intensity of the dogs engaging their instinct and smiling ear to ear! I therefore have invested many hours into developing camera mounting ideas to provide me a plethora of options, combinations, and possibilities to creatively film these experiences and capture the essence of the moment so I never miss a beat of the passion! Each movie section below highlights some of the different camera mounting techniques and some or all of the scenes were filmed with the mounting style of the playlist name. Click here to go to my WooFTEK Website about these unique Camera Mounting ideas.

 Movies Filmed With Specific Mounting Techniques