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Through my relentless love and enjoyment of Dogs and the time we spend together it has actually inspired me to write songs about these incredible relationships and treasured time together, I’ve actually written over 100 songs (you can check-out these songs and lyrics by clicking here) and worked with numerous artists to bring these storied songs to life. We have gone so far as to create some incredible video performances of these songs as they are included in this section. Additionally you can find my WooFHouse Concert MUSHing series which is truly over the top! Again because I want to spend as much time with my Dogs as possible I am in constant search for ways to do this, I therefore pioneered this WooFHouse Musical Series which features a musician riding along on our MUSHing Runs in a specially designed Dog Cart/Bike and playing tunes as we roam the trails. It’s quite a spectacle you gotta check these videos out! You can find more about the WooFHouse Series by clicking here. Finally you can find some videos here of different musicians playing the WooF AXX which is a Guitar I designed in the shape of a Wolf/Dog and has light up eyes,  WHOA!! Please look under the Music Menu for all the music video series.

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