FurWheeling Training

Furwhweelin Training

FurWheeling Training as with all of my iDOGetTame Training System is all about balance, a well crafted approach to introduce a Dog to running and/or pulling with a bike or cart. Almost all Dogs by instinct LOVE to run so they will take to this rather easily. There may be some hurdles to overcome such as getting them comfortable with you behind them as they pull ahead as well as trotting along side the wheels of the bike or cart can be a bit challenging. In addition age needs to be carefully considered as a young Dog or puppy is still developing and growth plates, bones, etc.. need to be fully developed before any pulling should EVER be done. Running with the bike or cart (along the side) as long as they don’t pull is usually no problem and that’s how I train my pups and get their exercise. Of course consult with your veterinarian as he or she can give you more specific advise for your breed. In this playlist below I’ve also included some Movies of a MUSHer in training as I was training a friend how to work with the Dogs and do some FurWheeling himself. Also the Movie called Winter Water Rafting where my Dogs are pulling a raft is another excellent way to train a Dog to pull on the snow as the raft is light and easy to get moving.

FurWheeling Training Movies