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Dog Training Videos: Siberian Huskies Training

Many people often ask how do I let my Dogs off leash? I am able to do this as I have trained my Dogs specialized etiquette and commands to be trusted off leash so we can can do our adventures like Free-Ranging as well as other important aspects to their fulfillment. My Dogs are Siberian Huskies a Northern Breed and one of the closest breeds to the Wolf. This means they are very independent and dominant which makes them very challenging to train. I am an Expert Dog Trainer specializing in the Husky, so much of what I do here is not as common practice for most. That is why I am sharing all of what I do to try and assist others to better understand Dogs especially those of the Northern Breeds such as the Husky. You can find out more about my training system iDOGetTame by clicking here. I have included the movies in this section of some of my basic training expectations to again make this adventuring we do possible. Also in this section you will find part of my WolFManChi Movie Series which highlights some of the beauty and love of the incredible times my Dogs and I share providing balance to their lives as well as the importance of proper R&R&R which is Rest & Relaxation & Recharge. You can find out more about my WolFManChi aspects on my All Dog Zen website by clicking here.

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