WolFManChi Movies

WolFManChi is what I call my Spiritual and training side of my Dog Lifestyle.

The name is Wolf (for the Dog), Man (for Mankind), and Chi (for the inner Energies) Man and Canine hold. With my WolfManChi Philosophy I am trying to combine these energies so we can Harmonize our relationship with our Dog and propel it to another Dimension.  Almost all of my training methods are based upon Yin & Yang which signifies Balance. I try to apply this balance to my Dog Lifestyle daily.

I approach this WolFManChi philosophy through appeal to a Dog’s instinct and engage it to strengthen and enhance the bond with a Dog.  This entire WooFDriver Project is the culmination of all of my Dog lifestyle practices which equate to my WolFManChi approach. You can read more about WolFManChi by clicking here.

WolFManChi Movies