WooFDriver’s Pit Crew

WooFDriver's Pit Crew
Chris P Wth Chase & Jag Showing Him Some Love

Chris P – is the master mechanic and electrical engineer that builds, develops, and maintains almost all of our mechanical equipment especially the WooFDrivers fleet if ADVS (all dog vehicles) to the trucks he uses to do all this stuff! Chris is a master electrician by trade and grew up taking things apart to find out how they work! Chris likes to tell things as they are and sometimes that means being brutally honest so you can only imagine the FUN conversations we have on our WOOF Excursions!!


The Old Man Getting Some Love From The WooFMan Chase

The Old Man Big Jim – Jim has studied welding and assembly in his early years so building or modifying structures such as the ADVS is a natural for him. He has his own landscaping business for many years, hence old man and has managed many of people and situations which he likes to do for our Excursions as well. He is my go to guy and can usually find out why any problem mechanical or personality is happening! Jim is a bit set in his ways so when we are a bit spontaneous on our trips he can rumble some with comments and behavior that we all including him can have a good laugh at!


Burning Man Loving On Chase & Zarro In The Truck
Burning Man Loving On Chase & Zarro In The Truck

Shawn the Burning Man – Shawn is a burner and for those of you (like me) that don’t know a burner is someone that goes to and participates in Burning Man events! You can read more about these events here: Shawn is a computer master from Mac to PC including programming and system development and support he has probably done it all. He therefore is a natural to keep the WooFDriver firing on all Cylinders from data management systems of the plethora of content we create including pictures, music, movies programs and apps to harness this incredible content and show it to the world! Additionally his Burning Man Background which he has managed and worked so many of these huge events gives him so much knowledge which he uses to help our events such as the WooFDriver Tours and outings become incredible productions!! This includes setting up systems for live broadcast and filming our night runs!! Shawn’s experience has given him lots of stories to share so he provides some colorful dissertations and opinions to fill any time we have to rap on our outings!!

Guy & Jag Cuddling In The Back Seat

Baby Castro Guy – No we are not Castro fans and don’t care for him at all but we can’t help but notice a striking resemblance especially in his WooFHouse style hat! Guy is a videographer by trade and does incredible filming and editing. He works a lot (as we are relatively close to Washington DC) for government events and large social functions that sometimes include some well known people including the President! So when he’s not rubbing shoulders with the powerful politicians he can sometimes be found on a WooFDriver Gig!! His filming creativity and experience can be seen throughout many of our WooFDiver Videos. He like the rest of the Team has such a great attitude and is ready to roll on any crazy situation I conjure in my mind! Guy’s friendly attitude makes him a fun time to shoot the video I mean shoot the stuff with and therefore great for lots of Fun talks and laughs on our gigs especially when he’s suffering a bit from a lack of sleep from a late night of video shooting on another job!

Rhett Getting Some Appreciation From Princess & Zarro

Rhett the Outdoorsman – Rhett is a horticulturalist and nature lover! He too has his own landscaping business because of his love for nature and degree in horticulture. His other true passion is kayaking! He travels all over the place to mingle with many rivers even in the cold of winter if the white caps are right he will run them! He rides with me in this ADV on many if our WooFDriver Tours and has offered, which we hope to do, to film the WooFPAK and I from some of the rivers that parellel the trials we tour. Additionally his knowledge is so interesting and useful as we roam the trails so we can identify wildlife and trees, plants etc.. He not only tells us what they are but tells about them which I love to share with the viewers as we do our Tours! Rhett is also very physical and helps a great deal in setup and when we put the equipment away on our WooFDriver Events! Rhett because of his easy going personality is fun to joke with and reminisce about some of our wild times on these WooFDriver rides!

Danny & Zarro Doing The Dance
Danny & Zarro Doing The Dance

Danny Dan Da Man – Danny has taken over Mike’s position and helps us stay organized and prepped for all of our current outings! He knows the routine thoroughly and had yet to be on a WooFDriver outing as he spends much of his free time with his best friend Primo a ?? but he has promised to join us in one in the near future!


Mike Teaching Chase To MUSH
Mike Teaching Chase To MUSH

Mike the Arranger and Stager – Mike is possibly the most organized guy that I have met. I have known him since he was 11! Now he’s a proud father and husband to his lovely wife Kirsten. He has evolved with me and the WooFPAK from all the wild stuff I tried to the WooFDriver streamlined style! He is responsible for much of the organization and behind the scenes setup that have been put in place over the years! He would make sure the vehicles were clean and stocked with equipment from spare batteries to water for the WooFPAK. He is an IT expert now by trade and still visits the WooFPAK and occasionally will lend a hand if we need!

Steven Is Watering And Giving Some Attention To Princes
Steven Is Watering And Giving Some Attention To Princes

Steven the Wild One – Steve was part of the team until about 2013 as his main job now consumes most of his time. He assisted on many tours and prep work for the WooFPAK around the house. He is a big equipment operator by trade so driving the WooFDriver’s ADVS and even when needed the jumbo Excursion truck was a piece of cake for him! A bit quiet and reserved but could get fired up when we would run into some cool scenes. He was funny because of his background with Rhett and Jim so they would sometimes “see things a bit differently” than Jim and we would have a few firework displays but all in good fun and understanding!


Jon Getting Some Serious WooFPAK LOVE

Jonny on the Spot – Jon will help behind the scenes when we need an extra hand as he has learned the routine from many times assisting with prep works and some WooFDriver Events including traveling to the Shenandoah on occasion!




Lenny & Zarro On A Sacco Cart Run
Lenny & Zarro On A Sacco Cart Run

Lenny and the WOOFS – Lenny helps occasionally and has been on some WooFDriver Events. A master mechanic by trade his passion and ability to fix equipment has been well appreciated many of times over by the WooFDriver!


Dave Doing What It Takes To Get the Picture

Dave Formula One – Dave was actually a main part of the first WooFDriver Touring Season! He helped pioneer some of the systems and methods we use now! A carpenter by trade and he loves to build, assemble and use technology to work on projects and trade related issues. A passion to snowboard combined with ATVing that he and the WooFDriver discovered together made him a natural to weather the harsh elements and cold on the WooFDriver Tours! Dave would plan our WooFDriver Tours from the location to the timing and he would ride shotgun with the WooFDriver in the ADV when we were in tour! Dave did most of the photography and videography on the first season and he developed the WooFCam which you can see here: Dave was funny as he is very systematic and any change of plans would put a wrinkle on his seat and that would provide for some laughing times as he would describe his issues with a particular situation, of course all in good fun! Dave’s job consumes most of his time now so unfortunately he hasn’t need able to be part if the ride lately but he told me he loves following us on our social feeds as he missed the WooFPAK and the experiences and hopes to ride with is in the trail again in the near future!